Top Photographer

Photography captures the world around us in pictures5 photographers in this video come together to compete on different photography challenges. The first challenge was action photography some of the photographers specialized in this field others did not. Action photography is all about movement as the name may suggest. They then capture a picture of a guy who’s fencing. The winner was then Roxy Rodriguez. 

In the second video they are to shoot and advertising campaign. They are given a Mark III to work with. They take pictures of a women in a 1000$ dress and see who has the best photo(s). They then edit the photo and submit it. The photos are reviewed then Chris Palermo is gets removed from the competition.  


The speaker in the ted talk shares his own experience’s and explains how emotion can be heavily tied to photographs. He talks about his scary experience with him and his son in the ocean and saving his son from the ocean. Him and his son also have different perspectives on the event too. While the speaker viewed himself as a hero his son recalled him yelling at him on the shore. The speaker says that photographs can tell a story, so he shares the pictures of Nick Nickels from Africa.

He originally went to photograph diverse species and he took pictures of serval cats, baboons, lions, etc. The centerpiece species are the elephants in this region. These animals are protected by park rangers in hopes they can’t be used and harmed for their ivory. The heard of elephants then migrated outside of the park and that’s when it happened. Hunters were outside of the park hunting the elephants only for the ivory.

All in all, after hearing the story of Nick Nickels in Chad I understand how just one photograph can tell and mean so much. There was so a deeper meaning to his photos than just animals. These elephants are hunted and used for their ivory daily with no mercy. That is the meaning of these photos that is what gives these photos meaning.

Framing a subject

This photo does indeed include strong composition.

I edited this one somewhat decent since I made the room lighter and made it easier to see and better overall to the eye.

I would maybe choose something else to take a picture of.

I don’t personally think it does there’s not much special to it other than it’s Halloween themed.

This photo doesn’t have too strong of composition.

I don’t think this edit was too great but there wasn’t much I could do this was the best way I could “fix” it.

I would choose to take a picture of something else, get better lighting, and edit it different.

There isn’t anything special to this so no.

File Formats


The most well-known file formatting and what most cameras provide as an output. 


The industry standard file formatter and what publisher often want. 


Image file contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of either a digital camera, a motion picture film scanner, or other image scanner 


Used raw with image editing software. 


A file format for image compression that, in time, is expected to replace the Graphics Interchange Format. 


Small compression and can be animated. 


Originally made for Microsoft but know is used worldwide including on mac software. 


This is the default on photoshop to save data to work on it edit it later  

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode

It gives you the best settings for what your environment is. This can be great for beginners

Portrait Mode

Your camera selects a large portrait in this mode with a small aperture. This keeps your background out of focus which means a narrow depth of field.

Macro Mode

This mode is good for taking close ups and pictures of small things. An example of this is small objects like flowers and insects.

Landscape Mode

This is seen as almost the exact opposite of portrait mode. Focusing is more difficult closer up with macro

Sports Mode

This mode is ideal for photographing moving objects. What sports mode does is increase the shutter speed of your camera.

Night Mode

This is good for shooting at low light situations. However it illuminates the foreground

Movie Mode

It captures moving images. Most cameras can capture sound and video although the sound is not good it can be handy.

Aperture Priority Mode

This mode is known for being semi manual. You have to choose the aperture and other settings.

Shutter Priority Mode

Like the previous one minus the shutter speed. After that all the other settings are chosen for you.

Program Mode

Gives you control over some features such as the flash. Can be automatic in some mode.

Manual Mode

This is the default mode basically. You have control over your full camera